Translational Science Lead to AstraZeneca

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Translational Science Lead to AstraZeneca

Modis Life Science is now looking for a Translational Science Lead to AstraZeneca in Gothenburg. Please note that this is a consulting position and as a consultant you will be hired by Modis. The assignment will initially run for 12 months. If you find the assignment interesting, send your application asap, no later than February 6th.

About the customer

The RIA Translational Science and Experimental Medicine department is an agile environment, with a culture that is science and patient-focused. Our mission is to understand disease mechanisms at the molecular level, identify the most effective target and the right patient population, and close the gap between bench science and bedside clinical practice.

A key role of Precision Medicine Discovery is to lead the human validation of our targets, identify Proof-of Mechanism (PoM) biomarkers and deliver precision medicine approach. Underpinned by a robust understanding of disease relevant pathways and drivers, the Translational science lead is a key scientific role, building mechanistic understanding of the target and disease through innovative application of experimental methods and technologies. She/he is a laboratory-based scientist, with the critical accountabilities for identifying and enabling PoM biomarkers to demonstrate target engagement at First-Time-In-Man (FITM) and leading the pre-clinical target validation strategy from TSID. Working closely with the Biomarker Discovery Scientists, other decision making and exploratory biomarkers will be identified and developed for each project. The TSL is accountable as member of the project iPT, from TSID to FTIM for decision making biomarkers, including PoM biomarkers, and the target validation strategy.

The TSL will have outstanding team working skills with a proven track record of working collaboratively to ensure scientific excellence and robust delivery to projects. Working with the Target Science Lead, the TSL will bridge the transition of a project as it enters the portfolio at TSID. Active collaborative working with the Biomarker Discovery Scientists, Data Scientists, Experimental Medicine Scientists, Human Tissue Leads, RIA Bioscience and other departments, Discovery Science (DS) and Precision Medicine Biopharma will be essential to continuously strengthen the link between targets and disease phenotypes and endotypes and bring precision medicine propositions to the clinic. The TSL is essentially a laboratory role, requiring flexibility to ensure all translational aspects of the projects are supported in a timely fashion.

Accountabilities and responsibilities

• Accountable for delivery of human target validation in relevant models by experimentally demonstrating presence and functional implication of the target in relevant disease mechanisms, mechanistic understanding of target and disease

  • Responsible for the design, execution, interpretation and reporting of human Target Validation studies, ensuring timely delivery of experimental data to projects and reporting will be via relevant databases.
  • Accountable to identify and develop PoM biomarkers, Decision Making and other Exploratory Biomarkers as required for each target.
  • Responsible to deliver through Precision Medicine and Genomic Labs t robust assays to required regulatory standards.
  • Builds IMED RIA mechanistic understanding of target and disease
  • Works with Biomarker Discovery Scientists other parts of the organization such as DSM and DS to select relevant biomarker platforms, new technologies and methodologies to enable target validation e.g. CRISPR, Lung-on-a-chip technologies etc.
  • Works flexible from TSID to Ph1 as needed.
  • Will effectively communicate results, plans, and strategies via scientific reports, regulatory documents, oral and written methods of communication.
  • Will use judgment and knowledge where appropriate to influence the work of projects, teams, section and departments.
  • Will maintain an awareness of current developments in the literature and identify leading improvements in technologies that can be successfully applied to advance their departmental discipline.
  • Will be an effective team member in supporting projects to meet their objectives striving for continuous improving processes by identifying, championing, and/or contributing to the development of solutions that hinder efficiency and effectiveness
  • Will contribute to publishing papers in internationally recognised journals and will present work internally and externally.
  • Will participate in and contribute to local discipline review groups.

Minimum Requirements – Education and Experience


• PhD or equivalent with a strong experimental drive and background in basic science related to respiratory research.

  • Post-doc experience or otherwise relevant scientific research experience.
  • Experience in pharmaceutical R&D.
  • Strong publication record.

Experience and skills

• Demonstrable delivery in biomarkers and target validation and their application to drug discovery

  • Excellent understanding of the Respiratory therapy area and disease biology, including molecular pathways and mechanisms related to respiratory diseases.
  • Broad understanding of Immunology therapy area
  • Experience and knowledge of the biological basis for target engagement biomarkers and familiar with PoM biomarker invention and implementation.
  • Broad understanding of relevant technologies and methodologies along with excellent scientific laboratory skills and ability to experimentally address key scientific questions.
  • Broad understanding of several technologies and methodologies along with excellent scientific laboratory skills and ability to experimentally address key scientific questions.
  • Excellent skills in hypothesis forming and testing, able to draw conclusions and suggest next steps based on the experimental data.
  • Experience and solid understanding of biology, pharmacology, translational medicine and clinical sciences, with pre-eminence in at least one of these areas
  • Strong leadership skills ability to be a self-starter.
  • A good understanding of the drug development process, from lead identification through clinical development
  • Ability to work productively in a matrix team environment and excellent collaborative skills
  • Excellent written, oral, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Good networking and communication (written and oral) skills and a strong delivery focus

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